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Charting Your Path to Pristine Paradise

Situated in the heart of Oceania, the Republic of Palau holds a strategic geographical position that makes it a gateway between the United States, Asia, Southeast Asia, and Oceania. Palau is approximately 500 miles east of the Philippines, offering a close proximity to Southeast Asia. The island nation lies about 1,300 miles southwest of Guam, providing easy access from the U.S. territory. From Singapore, Palau is approximately 3,000 miles northwest, and from Brisbane, Australia, it's roughly 2,200 miles northeast. These distances highlight Palau's central location, making it an accessible and sought-after destination for travelers seeking an extraordinary Pacific experience.

Departure to Palau
The Palau Pledge

The Palau Pledge

A Global Commitment

Palau, a jewel in the heart of Micronesia, beckons with its rich tapestry of natural wonders and vibrant culture. This island nation, with its 340 picturesque isles, is a testament to the power of conservation and preservation. On December 7, 2017, Palau created a world-first conservation pledge, stamped in passports for visitors to sign a declaration to protect its environment and culture for the next generation.



Bezos Earth Fund Pledges $100 Million to Support Pacific Islands' Initiative

Pacific Island leaders, including Palau President Surangel Whipps, announced Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos’s commitment of USD 100 million to the Unlocking Blue Pacific Prosperity (UBPP) initiative.

by Joni Herison • 11 Dec 2023

A New Gateway to Paradise: Alii Palau Airlines' Singapore-Palau Connection

On November 23, 2023, Alii Palau Airlines made history with its inaugural flight to Palau. At 6:40 AM, on Thanksgiving Day, Drukair, Royal Bhutan Airlines, operated a flight chartered by Alii Palau Airlines, touching down at the Palau International Airport. This marked the beginning of a new air route connecting Palau to Asia and the global travel network.

by Joni Herison • 28 Nov 2023

Palau’s Cultural History

In the heart of the Pacific, amidst the emerald embrace of the Rock Islands, I embarked on a voyage through time, unearthing the roots of Palau's vibrant heritage. This journey, a quest for personal growth and intimate encounters, led me to the very origins of this island nation.

by Will Herbert • 14 Nov 2023

Embrace Palau’s

Ethereal Beauty

Embark on a voyage like no other, where azure waters meet emerald forests, and vibrant marine life dance in pristine coral gardens. Our meticulously crafted itineraries invite you to explore Palau's hidden gems, revealing the secrets of its barrier reefs and the haunting beauty of World War II wrecks beneath the waves.

Ol’au Palau

Responsible Tourism

At SoulTrips.co, we understand the importance of preserving the sanctity of this island paradise. We're proud to support Palau's visionary Ol'au Palau program, a beacon of responsible tourism. Together, we ensure that every footstep taken on these shores leaves behind only a positive imprint on the environment and a deeper connection to the local culture.

Ol’au Palau

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Your Way

Choose from a diverse array of experiences tailored to your passions. Whether you're drawn to the tranquil embrace of a wellness retreat, the adrenaline rush of adventure travel, or the immersive embrace of cultural exploration, SoulTrips.co offers the key to unlock your perfect journey.

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Connect with yourself, others, and the world around you. Join us in Palau, where the spirit of exploration meets the soul's quest for meaning. Book your transformative journey today with SoulTrips.co, and be a part of a travel revolution that leaves a legacy of growth, connection, and purpose.

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All our trips are designed with sustainability and your well-being in mind. Explore with a conscience and leave nothing but footprints of inspiration.

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